When the Clouds Roll By (1919)

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The comfortable and amiable Daniel Boone Brown, a resident of New York's water front, becomes the victim of a mad scientist's psychological experiments. For days, Dr. Ulrich Metz messes up Daniel's life, bringing on failing health, restless sleep, a nervous and irritable disposition, tardiness for work, and superstitions that cause worry and fear. Several months into the ordeal, one of Metz's minions, hired as Daniel's livery, feeds him a midnight snack of spring onions, lobster, Welsh rarebit and mince pie. We see the contents of his stomach causing pain and distress; then he has vivid and surreal nightmares. Will Metz succeed in driving Daniel to suicide?

Rated Unrated,  1 hr 17 mins

Action • Comedy • Romance
Victor Fleming
Douglas Fairbanks  •  Albert MacQuarrie  •  Kathleen Clifford  •  Frank Campeau

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