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Lucky Stiff (1988) RT Audience 36%

DVD release: Sep 2005

Ron Douglas has no luck in women, and when his bride runs away on their wedding day, he goes on holiday up in the mountains, only to be reminded more of his misery when placed ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Anthony Perkins
CAST:  Donna Dixon  •  Joe Alaskey  •  Jeff Kober  •  Fran Ryan

Psycho III (1986) RT 58% / Audience 29%

DVD release: Sep 1999

Norman Bates is still running his little motel, and he has kept the dressed skeleton he calls mother. One of his guests is a young girl who has left the convent where she ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Anthony Perkins
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Diana Scarwid  •  Jeff Fahey  •  Roberta Maxwell

Psycho (1960) RT 96% / Audience 94%

DVD release: Mar 2001

When larcenous real estate clerk Marion Crane goes on the lam with a wad of cash and hopes of starting a new life, she ends up at the notorious Bates Motel, where manager ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Alfred Hitchcock
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Vera Miles  •  John Gavin  •  Janet Leigh

Catch-22 (1970) RT 85% / Audience 76%

DVD release: May 2001

A bombardier in World War II tries desperately to escape the insanity of the war. However, sometimes insanity is the only sane way cope with a crazy situation. Catch-22 is a ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Mike Nichols
CAST:  Alan Arkin  •  Martin Balsam  •  Richard Benjamin  •  Art Garfunkel

A Demon in My View (1991)

A strangler known as the Kenbourne Killer has been murdering streetwalkers for 25 years. The police set out to track him down.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Horror
DIRECTION:  Petra Haffter
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Uwe Bohm  •  Sophie Ward  •  Stratford Johns

Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990) RT Audience 33%

DVD release: Aug 1991

Norman Bates is again released from the mental hospital he was placed in at the end of Psycho III after serving another few years and is apparently rehabiliated for the second ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Horror • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Mick Garris
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Henry Thomas  •  Olivia Hussey  •  C. C. H. Pounder

Daughter of Darkness (1990) RT Audience 28%

DVD release: Feb 2010

An atmospheric, sub-hallucinogenic venture into the world of the unknown. The enigma facing a young woman is the identity of her father. Unfortunately for her, she becomes ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Stuart Gordon
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Mia Sara  •  Jack Coleman  •  Robert Reynolds

Edge of Sanity (1989) RT Audience 31%

DVD release: Aug 2002

When Henry Jekyll's experiments with cocaine have gotten out of control, he transforms into the hideous Jack Hyde. As Hyde he searches the London streets at night for his prey ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Gérard Kikoïne
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Sarah Maur Thorp  •  David Lodge  •  Ben Cole

Destroyer (1988) RT Audience 14%

A prison riot breaks out at the moment of a serial murderer's execution by electrocution, and his fate becomes indeterminate when the prison is shut down. 18 months later, a ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Robert Kirk
CAST:  Lyle Alzado  •  Deborah Foreman  •  Clayton Rohner  •  Anthony Perkins

Psycho II (1983) RT 59% / Audience 53%

DVD release: Jan 1999

Years of treatment at a mental institution for the criminally insane, Norman Bates still can't quite elude the demands of "Mother." Vera Miles also returns as the inquisitive ...  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Richard Franklin
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Vera Miles  •  Meg Tilly  •  Robert Loggia

North Sea Hijack (1980)

A terrorist (Anthony Perkins) holds an offshore drilling rig and production platform for ransom in the North Sea. Ffolkes (Roger Moore) a wealthy misogynistic eccentric, ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Andrew McLaglen
CAST:  Roger Moore  •  James Mason  •  Anthony Perkins  •  David Hedison

The Black Hole (1979) RT 43% / Audience 45%

DVD release: Apr 1999

The explorer craft U.S.S. Palomino is returning to Earth after a fruitless 18-month search for extra-terrestrial life when the crew comes upon a supposedly lost ship, the ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Family • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Gary Nelson
CAST:  Maximilian Schell  •  Anthony Perkins  •  Robert Forster  •  Joseph Bottoms

Les Misérables (1978)

Jean Valjean, convicted of stealing bread, is hounded for decades by the relentless and cruel policeman Javert.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Foreign • History • Romance
DIRECTION:  Glenn A. Jordan
CAST:  Richard Jordan  •  Anthony Perkins  •  Caroline Langrishe  •  Ian Holm

First, You Cry (1978)

The story of television news correspondent Betty Rollin and her battle with breast cancer, and how her subsequent mastectomy changed her marriage, her philosophy and her ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  George Schaefer
CAST:  Mary Tyler Moore  •  Anthony Perkins  •  Jennifer Warren  •  Richard A. Dysart

Remember My Name (1978) RT 75% / Audience 39%

Just released from prison, a young woman arrives in town to "start a new life", but soon begins stalking a married construction worker for no apparent reason, turning his life ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Alan Rudolph
CAST:  Geraldine Chaplin  •  Anthony Perkins  •  Moses Gunn  •  Berry Berenson

Mahogany (1975) RT 23% / Audience 76%

DVD release: May 2007

Tracy, an aspiring designer from the slums of Chicago puts herself through fashion school in the hopes of becoming one of the world's top designers. Her ambition leads her to ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Tony Richardson  •  Berry Gordy
CAST:  Diana Ross  •  Billy Dee Williams  •  Anthony Perkins  •  Marisa Mell

Murder on the Orient Express (1974) RT 95% / Audience 79%

DVD release: Sep 2004

In 1935, when his train is stopped by deep snow, detective Hercule Poirot is called on to solve a murder that occurred in his car the night before.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Sidney Lumet
CAST:  Albert Finney  •  Lauren Bacall  •  Martin Balsam  •  Ingrid Bergman

Lovin' Molly (1974) RT Audience 17%

DVD release: Apr 1999

Spanning nearly 40 years from 1925 to 1964, two Texas farm boys; straight-arrow Gid and laid-back Johnny fight over the affections of the beautiful and headstrong Molly Taylor ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Sidney Lumet
CAST:  Anthony Perkins  •  Beau Bridges  •  Blythe Danner  •  Edward Binns

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) RT 71% / Audience 76%

DVD release: Jun 2003

Outlaw and self-appointed lawmaker, Judge Roy Bean, rules over an empty stretch of the West that gradually grows, under his iron fist, into a thriving town, while dispensing ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Comedy • Western
DIRECTION:  John Huston
CAST:  Paul Newman  •  Jacqueline Bisset  •  Ned Beatty  •  Anthony Perkins