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Gone with the Wind (1939) RT 94% / Audience 93%

DVD release: Mar 2000

An American classic in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man carry on a turbulent love affair in the American south during the Civil War and Reconstruction.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Romance • War
DIRECTION:  Victor Fleming  •  George Cukor  •  Sam Wood
CAST:  Vivien Leigh  •  Clark Gable  •  Olivia de Havilland  •  Thomas Mitchell

Fun and Fancy Free (1947)

Jiminy Cricket hosts two Disney animated shorts: "Bongo," about a circus bear escaping to the wild, and "Mickey and the Beanstalk," a take on the famous fairy tale.  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family • Music
DIRECTION:  Hamilton Luske  •  Jack Kinney
CAST:  Edgar Bergen  •  Dinah Shore  •  Charlie McCarthy  •  Mortimer Snerd

The Falcon Strikes Back (1943) RT Audience 44%

The Falcon is framed for the murder of a banker and the theft of war bonds. He makes his escape into the mountains where he hides out in a rustic lodge. From here he uncovers ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Mystery
DIRECTION:  Edward Dmytryk
CAST:  Tom Conway  •  Harriet Hilliard  •  Jane Randolph  •  Edgar Kennedy

Fighting Frontier (1943)

An agent (Tim Holt) goes undercover as an outlaw and almost gets lynched.  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  Lambert Hillyer
CAST:  Tim Holt  •  Cliff Edwards  •  Ann Summers  •  William Gould

American Empire (1942)

DVD release: Jan 2005

Richard Dix as Dan Taylor and Preston S. Foster as Paxton Bryce are two longtime friends seeking their fortune in Texas after the war. The two men decide, not without problems ...  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  William C. McGann
CAST:  Richard Dix  •  Leo Carrillo  •  Preston Foster  •  Frances Gifford

Seven Miles from Alcatraz (1942) RT Audience 25%

After Pearl Harbor, convicts at Alcatraz prison live in fear of bomb attacks, driving Champ Larkin and his pal Jimbo to a desperate escape attempt which lands them on a tiny ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Edward Dmytryk
CAST:  James Craig  •  Bonita Granville  •  Frank Jenks  •  Cliff Edwards

Red River Robin Hood (1942)

An honest cowpoke (Tim Holt) comes to the rescue when the ranchers of Red River, AZ have their property seized by a greedy businessman (Eddie Dew). This 1942 B-western, ...  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  Lesley Selander
CAST:  Tim Holt  •  Cliff Edwards  •  Barbara Moffett  •  Eddie Dew

The New Spirit (1942)

Animated documentary promoting timely filing and payment of Federal income taxes, demonstrated by Donald Duck's difficulties with his tax return.  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Documentary
DIRECTION:  Wilfred Jackson  •  Ben Sharpsteen
CAST:  Cliff Edwards  •  Clarence Nash  •  Fred Shields  •  The Sportsmen Quartet

Dumbo (1941) RT 97% / Audience 70%

DVD release: Oct 2001

Dumbo is a baby elephant born with oversized ears and a supreme lack of confidence. But thanks to his even more diminutive buddy -- Timothy the Mouse -- the pint-sized ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family
DIRECTION:  Ben Sharpsteen
CAST:  Sterling Holloway  •  Herman Bing  •  John McLeish  •  Edward Brophy

Flowing Gold (1940)

A fugitive drifter (John Garfield) hired by a Texas oil driller (Pat O'Brien) becomes his rival for the boss's daughter (Frances Farmer).  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Drama
DIRECTION:  Alfred E. Green
CAST:  John Garfield  •  Frances Farmer  •  Pat O'Brien  •  Raymond Walburn

Pinocchio (1940) RT 100% / Audience 72%

DVD release: Mar 2009

Lonely toymaker Geppetto has his wishes answered when the Blue Fairy arrives to bring his wooden puppet Pinocchio to life. Before becoming a real boy, however, Pinocchio must ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family
DIRECTION:  Hamilton Luske  •  Ben Sharpsteen
CAST:  Cliff Edwards  •  Evelyn Venable  •  Mel Blanc  •  Frankie Darro

His Girl Friday (1940) RT 97% / Audience 90%

DVD release: Dec 2004

Hildy Johnson has divorced Walter Burns and visits his office to tell him that she is engaged to another man and that they are going to get married the day after. Walter Burns ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Howard Hawks
CAST:  Cary Grant  •  Rosalind Russell  •  Ralph Bellamy  •  Gene Lockhart

High School (1940) RT Audience 84%

A teenager who's been raised and home-schooled at her father's Texas ranch must adjust to her new surroundings and being with other students when she's sent to a San Antonio ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  George Nichols Jr.
CAST:  Jane Withers  •  Lloyd Corrigan  •  Paul Harvey  •  Joan Leslie

Maisie (1939)

Stranded, penniless in a small Wyoming town, Maisie Ravier flirts with Slim, the manager of Clifford Ames' ranch. Disgusted by Maisie's flirtation, Slim orders her to leave ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Edwin L. Marin
CAST:  Robert Young  •  Ann Sothern  •  Ruth Hussey  •  Ian Hunter

The Women Men Marry (1937)

A newsman (George Murphy) with a no-good wife (Claire Dodd) exposes a religious racket with a newswoman (Josephine Hutchinson) who loves him.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Errol Taggart
CAST:  George Murphy  •  Josephine Hutchinson  •  Claire Dodd  •  Sidney Blackmer

Bad Guy (1937)

A power-company troubleshooter (Bruce Cabot) has his brother (Edward Norris) get him out of prison by running high voltage to the bars of his cell.  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Edward L. Cahn
CAST:  Bruce Cabot  •  Virginia Grey  •  Edward Norris  •  Jean Chatburn

Between Two Women (1937) RT Audience 25%

DVD release: Mar 2004

Allen Meighan, an intern, assures himself residency at 'General Hospital', when he saves the life of a man trapped in an explosion. Allen is in love with student nurse, Claire ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  George B. Seitz
CAST:  Franchot Tone  •  Maureen O'Sullivan  •  Virginia Bruce  •  Leonard Penn

Modern Inventions (1937)

Donald Duck goes to a museum of modern inventions. After getting in without paying, he meets a robot butler who takes Donald's hat every time he sees him. Donald is very ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family
CAST:  Clarence Nash  •  Billy Bletcher  •  Cliff Edwards

They Gave Him a Gun (1937) RT Audience 18%

With no other prospects, a World War I veteran turns to crime.  (more)

CAST:  Spencer Tracy  •  Gladys George  •  Franchot Tone  •  Edgar Dearing