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Hot Stuff (1979) RT Audience 79%

When a police department's burglary task force is facing the possibility of being shut down because of their low conviction rate decides to try a new approach to apprehending ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
CAST:  Dom DeLuise  •  Suzanne Pleshette  •  Jerry Reed  •  Ossie Davis

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) RT 50% / Audience 62%

DVD release: Mar 2001

When a casino owning dog named Charlie is murdered by his rival Carface, he finds himself in Heaven basically by default since all dogs go to heaven. However, since he wants ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Comedy • Drama • Family • Fantasy
DIRECTION:  Don Bluth  •  Gary Goldman  •  Dan Kuenster
CAST:  Burt Reynolds  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Judith Barsi  •  Melba Moore

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996) RT Audience 38%

DVD release: Mar 2001

Charlie and Itchy return to Earth to find Gabriel's Horn, but along the way meet up with a young boy named David, who ran away from home.  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Animation • Family • Fantasy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Larry Leker  •  Paul Sabella
CAST:  Ernest Borgnine  •  Bebe Neuwirth  •  Charlie Sheen  •  Hamilton Camp

An American Tail (1986) RT 69% / Audience 71%

DVD release: Jan 2004

A young mouse named Fievel and his family decide to migrate to America, a "land without cats," at the turn of the 20th century. But somehow, Fievel ends up in the New World ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Animation • Drama • Family
CAST:  Phillip Glasser  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Nehemiah Persoff  •  Erica Yohn

An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster (1999) RT Audience 41%

DVD release: Jan 2004

An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster was the second direct-to-video sequel to An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island and the 4th and last film in the ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Animation • Family • Fantasy • Mystery • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Larry Latham
CAST:  Thomas Dekker  •  Lacey Chabert  •  Jane Singer  •  Nehemiah Persoff

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (1998)

Fievel and his friend Tony Toponi find a map that they believe points to a treasure buried somewhere beneath Old New York, and the plucky rodent is determined to find it. ...  (more)

GENRES: Adventure • Animation
DIRECTION:  Larry Latham
CAST:  Thomas Dekker  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Pat Musick  •  Nehemiah Persoff

The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975) RT Audience 58%

DVD release: Apr 2006

After spending decades living in the shadow of his more famous and successful sibling, Consulting Detective Sigerson Holmes (Wilder) is called upon to help solve a crucial ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Crime • Mystery
DIRECTION:  Gene Wilder
CAST:  Gene Wilder  •  Madeline Kahn  •  Marty Feldman  •  Dom DeLuise

The (2000) RT Audience 52%

DVD release: Apr 2005

A boy, seeking his father's attention, starts a company and buys out his father's company.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Drama • Family
DIRECTION:  Blair Treu
CAST:  Michael Angarano  •  Kevin Kilner  •  Kevin Jamal Woods  •  Vanessa Zima

Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage (2000) RT Audience 48%

DVD release: Mar 2005

Before Dorothy landed on the Wicked Witch of the East with her little farm house, the witch had to contend with another resident of middle America. The Lion, who was once part ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family
DIRECTION:  Tim Deacon
CAST:  Dom DeLuise  •  Gerard Plunkett  •  Jason Priestley  •  Lynn Redgrave

Baby Geniuses (1999) RT 2% / Audience 23%

DVD release: Jul 1999

Scientist hold talking, super-intelligent babies captive, but things take a turn for the worse when a mix-up occurs between a baby genius and its twin.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Family • Science Fiction
CAST:  Kathleen Turner  •  Christopher Lloyd  •  Kim Cattrall  •  Peter MacNicol

An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998) RT Audience 36%

DVD release: Nov 1998

Charlie B. Barker and Itchy Ford are back with Sasha and the gang having a Dicken's of a time as they try to save Christmas from Carface and an evil spirit that wishes to use ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Comedy • Family
DIRECTION:  Paul Sabella  •  Gary Selvaggio
CAST:  Ernest Borgnine  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Sheena Easton  •  Taylor Emerson

Red Line (1995) RT Audience 57%

DVD release: Nov 2003

A car thief is seen stealing, and is blackmailed into stealing more cars for someone else's profit.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Thriller
DIRECTION:  John Sjogren
CAST:  Chad McQueen  •  Jan-Michael Vincent  •  Robert Z'Dar  •  Michael Madsen

Don't Drink the Water (1994) RT 44% / Audience 41%

DVD release: Jul 2003

Somewhere behind the early 1960s cold-war iron curtain, the Hollander family cause an international spying incident when Walter photographs a sunset in a sensitive region. In ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Woody Allen
CAST:  Josef Sommer  •  Michael J. Fox  •  Woody Allen  •  Julie Kavner

A Troll in Central Park (1994) RT 17% / Audience 45%

DVD release: Aug 2003

A friendly troll with a magic green thumb grows one flower too many for the queen, whose laws require all trolls to be mean ugly and scare humans whenever possible. As a ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family • Fantasy • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Don Bluth  •  Gary Goldman
CAST:  Dom DeLuise  •  Phillip Glasser  •  Tawny Sunshine Glover  •  Cloris Leachman

The Silence of the Hams (1994) RT Audience 41%

DVD release: Jan 1995

The federal agent Joe Dee Foster is currently investigating a serial killer, helped by doctor Animal who is isolated in a maximum security jail.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Ezio Greggio
CAST:  Ezio Greggio  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Billy Zane  •  Joanna Pacuła

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) RT 48% / Audience 81%

DVD release: Apr 2006

Robin Hood comes home after fighting in the Crusades to learn that the noble King Richard is in exile and that the despotic King John now rules England, with the help of the ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Mel Brooks
CAST:  Cary Elwes  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Roger Rees  •  Dave Chappelle

Happily Ever After (1990) RT 36% / Audience 52%

DVD release: Mar 2004

The Wicked Queen is dead but her brother, Lord Maliss, seeks for revenge. Using the Magic Mirror to locate Snow White and the Prince, he transforms into a dragon and attacks. ...  (more)

GENRES: Animation • Family
DIRECTION:  John Howley
CAST:  Irene Cara  •  Malcolm McDowell  •  Dom DeLuise  •  Carol Channing

Almost Pregnant (1992) RT Audience 31%

DVD release: Jun 1992

Charlie (Conaway) is a happy man with a beautiful wife (Roberts), a wonderful career and every blessing a man could want except "...children". When the wife demands a "star ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Michael DeLuise
CAST:  Jeff Conaway  •  Tanya Roberts  •  John Calvin  •  Joan Severance

Munchie (1992) RT Audience 40%

DVD release: Oct 2002

The ever hungry and funny Munchie is back in this sequel to "Munchies".  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Family • Fantasy
DIRECTION:  Jim Wynorski
CAST:  Loni Anderson  •  Andrew Stevens  •  Jamie McEnnan  •  Arte Johnson