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The Sound of Music (1965)

Film adaptation of a classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical based on a nun who becomes a governess for an Austrian family.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Family • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  Robert Wise
CAST:  Julie Andrews  •  Christopher Plummer  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Richard Haydn

Between Two Worlds (1944) RT Audience 71%

Passengers on an ocean liner can't recall how they got onboard or where they are going. Soon it becomes apparent that they all have something in common.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Fantasy
DIRECTION:  Edward A. Blatt
CAST:  John Garfield  •  Paul Henreid  •  Sydney Greenstreet  •  Eleanor Parker

Caged (1950) RT Audience 85%

DVD release: Jun 2007

Caged tells the story of a teenage newlywed, who is sent to prison for being an accessory to a robbery. Her experiences while incarcerated, along with the killing of her ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  John Cromwell
CAST:  Eleanor Parker  •  Agnes Moorehead  •  Ellen Corby  •  Hope Emerson

Detective Story (1951) RT 67% / Audience 71%

DVD release: Oct 2005

Tells the story of one day in the lives of the various people who populate a police detective squad. An embittered cop, Det. Jim McLeod (Douglas), leads a precinct of ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  William Wyler
CAST:  Kirk Douglas  •  Eleanor Parker  •  William Bendix  •  Cathy O'Donnell

Scaramouche (1952) RT Audience 84%

DVD release: Jul 2003

In 18th-century France, a young man masquerades as an actor to avenge his friend's murder.  (more)

GENRES: Adventure
DIRECTION:  George Sidney
CAST:  Stewart Granger  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Janet Leigh  •  Mel Ferrer

The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) RT 86% / Audience 84%

DVD release: May 2000

Frankie is a heroin addict and sits in prison. He wants a different life but the rehabilitation isn’t as easy as he had thought. Director Otto Preminger films one of the first ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Otto Preminger
CAST:  Frank Sinatra  •  Kim Novak  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Arnold Stang

The Voice of the Turtle (1948) RT Audience 69%

DVD release: Oct 2012

An aspiring Broadway actress falls in love with a soldier on leave during a weekend in New York City.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Irving Rapper
CAST:  Ronald Reagan  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Eve Arden  •  Wayne Morris

Interrupted Melody (1955) RT Audience 68%

DVD release: Jul 1994

Interrupted Melody is the inspirational filmed biography of world-renowned Australian soprano Marjorie Lawrence. She’s a foremost Wagnerian, equal to the vocal and physical ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Curtis Bernhardt
CAST:  Glenn Ford  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Roger Moore  •  Cecil Kellaway

Destination Tokyo (1943) RT Audience 65%

DVD release: Jun 2004

During World War II, Captain Cassidy and his crew of submariners are ordered into Tokyo Bay on a secret mission. They are to gather information in advance of the planned ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • War
DIRECTION:  Delmer Daves
CAST:  Cary Grant  •  Alan Hale  •  John Garfield  •  John Ridgely

The Naked Jungle (1954) RT 86% / Audience 64%

DVD release: Nov 2004

The Leiningen South American cocoa plantation is threatened by a 2-mile-wide, 20-mile-long column of army ants.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Byron Haskin
CAST:  Charlton Heston  •  Eleanor Parker  •  William Conrad  •  Abraham Sofaer

Mission to Moscow (1943) RT Audience 15%

Ambassador Joseph Davies is sent by FDR to Russia to learn about the Soviet system and returns to America as an advocate of Stalinism.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Michael Curtiz
CAST:  Walter Huston  •  Ann Harding  •  Oskar Homolka  •  George Tobias

Warning Shot (1967) RT Audience 29%

DVD release: Nov 2005

Pounded by the press for shooting a doctor, an ousted Los Angeles policeman (David Janssen) works his own case.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Crime • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Buzz Kulik
CAST:  David Janssen  •  Ed Begley  •  Keenan Wynn  •  Sam Wanamaker

It's a Great Feeling (1949) RT Audience 27%

DVD release: Apr 2009

A waitress at the Warner Brothers commissary is anxious to break into pictures. She thinks her big break may have arrived when actors Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan agree to ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  David Butler
CAST:  Dennis Morgan  •  Doris Day  •  Jack Carson  •  Bill Goodwin

Hollywood Canteen (1944) RT Audience 74%

DVD release: Nov 2008

Dozens of Warner Brothers stars come together in this 1940s musical/comedy  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  Delmer Daves
CAST:  Jack Benny  •  Joe E. Brown  •  Eddie Cantor  •  Kitty Carlisle

Many Rivers to Cross (1955) RT Audience 25%

DVD release: Aug 2008

Packaged and sold as an outdoor actioner, Many Rivers to Cross is as much a comedy as anything else. Robert Taylor stars as 18th century trapper Bushrod Gentry, who is himself ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Comedy • Western
DIRECTION:  Roy Rowland
CAST:  Robert Taylor  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Victor McLaglen  •  Jeff Richards

Chain Lightning (1950) RT Audience 27%

DVD release: Feb 2012

Matt Brennan runs into Jo Holloway, the Red Cross girl he romanced in Europe when he was a flyer in World War II, when he is offered a job by jet manufacturer Leland Willis as ...  (more)

GENRES: Action • Drama • War
DIRECTION:  Stuart Heisler
CAST:  Humphrey Bogart  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Raymond Massey  •  Richard Whorf

The Mysterious Doctor (1943) RT Audience 25%

The citizens of a tiny Cornish village are tormented during World War II by a headless ghost which is haunting the local tin mine.  (more)

GENRES: Horror • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Benjamin Stoloff
CAST:  John Loder  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Bruce Lester  •  Lester Matthews

Crime by Night (1944) RT Audience 33%

A private eye (Jerome Cowan) and his secretary (Jane Wyman) probe a murder and find an international spy (Faye Emerson).  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Mystery
DIRECTION:  William Clemens
CAST:  Jane Wyman  •  Jerome Cowan  •  Faye Emerson  •  Charles Lang

Eye of the Cat (1969) RT Audience 33%

A man and his girlfriend plan to rob the mansion of the man's eccentric but wealthy aunt. However, the aunt keeps dozens of cats in her home, and the man is deathly afraid of cats.  (more)

GENRES: Horror
DIRECTION:  David Lowell Rich
CAST:  Michael Sarrazin  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Tim Henry  •  Tullia