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A Letter to Three Wives (1949) RT 94% / Audience 86%

DVD release: Feb 2005

Just as their boat sets off for the day, Deborah (Crain), Rita (Southern) and Lora Mae (Darnell) receive a letter from the alluring Addie Ross (narrator Celeste Holm) stating ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • Mystery • Romance
DIRECTION:  Joseph L. Mankiewicz
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Linda Darnell  •  Ann Sothern  •  Kirk Douglas

Skyjacked (1972) RT Audience 27%

DVD release: Jun 2007

A crazed Vietnam vet bomber hijacks a Boeing 707 in this disaster film filled with the usual early '70s stereotypes, and demands to be taken to Russia.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Adventure • Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  John Guillermin
CAST:  Charlton Heston  •  Yvette Mimieux  •  James Brolin  •  Claude Akins

Hot Rods to Hell (1967) RT Audience 42%

DVD release: Jun 2007

A traveling family is harassed by hot-rod driving teens.  (more)

GENRES: Action • Thriller
DIRECTION:  John Brahm
CAST:  Dana Andrews  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Mimsy Farmer  •  Laurie Mock

Madison Avenue (1962)

An adman (Dana Andrews) and an adwoman (Eleanor Parker) put a dangerous milk tycoon in line for the White House.  (more)

DIRECTION:  H. Bruce Humberstone
CAST:  Dana Andrews  •  Eleanor Parker  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Eddie Albert

Nefertiti, Queen of the Nile (1961)

Chronicles the rise and fall of the woman who eventually became known as Queen Nefertiti.  (more)

GENRES: Drama • History
DIRECTION:  Fernando Cerchio
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Vincent Price  •  Edmund Purdom  •  Amedeo Nazzari

Twenty Plus Two (1961)

Julia Joliet handles fan mail for movie stars. Now someone has a message for her, delivered at point-blank range. David Janssen (TV’s The Fugitive) brings his laconic cool to ...  (more)

GENRES: Mystery
DIRECTION:  Joseph M. Newman
CAST:  David Janssen  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Dina Merrill  •  Agnes Moorehead

The Joker Is Wild (1957) RT Audience 86%

Frank Sinatra stars in director Charles Vidor's 1957 film biography of nightclub entertainer Joe E. Lewis. The cast also includes Mitzi Gaynor, Jeanne Crain, Eddie Albert, ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Charles Vidor
CAST:  Frank Sinatra  •  Mitzi Gaynor  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Eddie Albert

The Tattered Dress (1957) RT Audience 50%

After a wild night, wealthy Michael Reston's adulterous wife Charleen comes home with her ripe young body barely concealed by a dress in rags; murder results. Top defense ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Jack Arnold
CAST:  Jeff Chandler  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Jack Carson  •  Gail Russell

The Fastest Gun Alive (1956) RT Audience 70%

DVD release: May 1994

Whenever it becomes known how good he is with guns, ex-gunman George and his wife Dora have to flee the town, in fear of all the gunmen who might want to challenge him. ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Western
DIRECTION:  Russell Rouse
CAST:  Glenn Ford  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Broderick Crawford  •  Russ Tamblyn

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) RT Audience 17%

Two Broadway showgirls, who are also sisters, are sick and tired of New York as well as not getting nowhere. Quitting Broadway, the sisters decided to travel to Paris to ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Music
DIRECTION:  Richard Sale
CAST:  Jane Russell  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Alan Young  •  Scott Brady

Man Without a Star (1955) RT Audience 63%

Man Without a Star is a 1955 western film starring Kirk Douglas as a wanderer who gets dragged into a range war. It was based on the novel of the same name by Dee Linford.  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  King Vidor
CAST:  Kirk Douglas  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Claire Trevor  •  William Campbell

Vicki (1953) RT Audience 30%

DVD release: Aug 2006

A supermodel gets murdered. While investigating the case the story of a waitress turned glamor girl is revealed.  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Mystery • Romance • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Harry Horner
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Jean Peters  •  Elliott Reid  •  Richard Boone

Dangerous Crossing (1953) RT Audience 47%

DVD release: Mar 2008

A young bride is set to begin her honeymoon aboard a luxury liner. Her happiness does not last when she finds that her husband has disappeared. Trouble is, no one else ever ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Joseph M. Newman
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Michael Rennie  •  Max Showalter  •  Carl Betz

City of Bad Men (1953)

Outlaws plan a robbery to take place during a championship prizefight in Carson City, Nevada.  (more)

GENRES: Western
DIRECTION:  Harmon Jones
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Dale Robertson  •  Richard Boone  •  Lloyd Bridges

O. Henry's Full House (1952) RT Audience 61%

DVD release: Nov 2006

Five O. Henry stories, each separate. The primary one from the critic's acclaim was "The Cop and the Anthem". Soapy tells fellow bum Horace that he is going to get arrested so ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Henry Hathaway  •  Howard Hawks  •  Jean Negulesco  •  Henry Koster  •  Henry King
CAST:  Marilyn Monroe  •  Fred Allen  •  Anne Baxter  •  Jeanne Crain

Take Care of My Little Girl (1951)

A young woman enters college and learns some hard truths about sorority life, including snobbery and the cruelty of hazing.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Jean Negulesco
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Dale Robertson  •  Jeffrey Hunter  •  Mitzi Gaynor

Belles on Their Toes (1952) RT Audience 75%

DVD release: Mar 2004

The "Cheaper by the Dozen" crew is back, sans Clifton Webb. Lillian is struggling to make ends meet without her husband's income, while Anne, Martha, and even Ernestine find ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  Henry Levin
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Myrna Loy  •  Debra Paget  •  Jeffrey Hunter

The Model and the Marriage Broker (1951) RT Audience 100%

A marriage broker can't resist meddling in the life of a model, with disastrous results.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy
DIRECTION:  George Cukor
CAST:  Jeanne Crain  •  Scott Brady  •  Thelma Ritter  •  Zero Mostel

People Will Talk (1951) RT Audience 78%

DVD release: Jan 2004

Successful and well-liked, Dr. Noah Praetorius becomes the victim of a witchhunt at the hands of Professor Elwell, who disdains Praetorius's unorthodox medical views and also ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Joseph L. Mankiewicz
CAST:  Cary Grant  •  Jeanne Crain  •  Finlay Currie  •  Hume Cronyn