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Moonrise Kingdom (2012) RT 94% / Audience 86%

DVD release: Oct 2012

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Wes Anderson
CAST:  Bruce Willis  •  Bill Murray  •  Frances McDormand  •  Tilda Swinton

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) RT 92% / Audience 86%

DVD release: Jun 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel tells of a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars and his friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protégé. ...  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Wes Anderson
CAST:  Ralph Fiennes  •  Tony Revolori  •  F. Murray Abraham  •  Mathieu Amalric

The Zero Theorem (2014) RT 51% / Audience 43%

DVD release: Jan 2015

A computer hacker's goal to discover the reason for human existence continually finds his work interrupted thanks to the Management; this time, they send a teenager and lusty ...  (more)

GENRES: Drama • Fantasy • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Terry Gilliam
CAST:  Christoph Waltz  •  David Thewlis  •  Mélanie Thierry  •  Lucas Hedges

Arthur Newman (2012) RT 20% / Audience 24%

DVD release: Sep 2013

A story of a man who fakes his own death and assumes a new identity in order to escape his life, who then moves in with a woman who is also trying to leave her past behind.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Dante Ariola
CAST:  Colin Firth  •  Emily Blunt  •  Anne Heche  •  David Andrews

Kill the Messenger (2014) RT 78% / Audience 69%

DVD release: Feb 2015

A reporter becomes the target of a vicious smear campaign that drives him to the point of suicide after he exposes the CIA's role in arming Contra rebels in Nicaragua and ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Michael Cuesta
CAST:  Mary Elizabeth Winstead  •  Jeremy Renner  •  Michael Sheen  •  Ray Liotta

Manchester by the Sea (2016)

After his older brother passes away, Lee Chandler is forced to return home to care for his 16-year-old nephew. There he is compelled to deal with a tragic past that separated ...  (more)

DIRECTION:  Kenneth Lonergan
CAST:  Casey Affleck  •  Michelle Williams  •  Kyle Chandler  •  Lucas Hedges

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

After seven months have passed without a culprit in her daughter's murder case, Mildred Hayes makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a ...  (more)

GENRES: Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Martin McDonagh
CAST:  Frances McDormand  •  Woody Harrelson  •  Sam Rockwell  •  John Hawkes

Lady Bird (2017)

A California high school student plans to escape from her family and small town by going to college in New York.  (more)

GENRES: Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Greta Gerwig
CAST:  Saoirse Ronan  •  Laurie Metcalf  •  Tracy Letts  •  Lucas Hedges

Pigeonhearts (2017)

Two teenagers push the boundaries of their friendship while they explore an abandoned farmhouse together.  (more)

DIRECTION:  Grant Conversano
CAST:  Lucas Hedges  •  Emma Geer

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