Posse (1993)

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A group of mostly black infantrymen return from the Spanish-American War with a cache of gold. They travel to the West where their leader searches for the men who lynched his father.

GENRES:  Action • Adventure • Western
DIRECTION:  Mario Van Peebles

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Cast & Characters

Mario Van Peebles Jesse Lee
Stephen Baldwin Jimmy J. 'Little J' Teeters
Tommy Lister Jr. Obobo (as Tiny Lister)
Big Daddy Kane Father Time
Billy Zane Colonel Graham
Pam Grier Phoebe
Salli Richardson-Whitfield Lana (as Salli Richardson)
Isaac Hayes Cable
Charles Lane Weezie
James Bigwood Walker
Mark Buntzman Deputy Buntzman
Warrington Hudlin Reporter #2

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