Can You Keep It Up with This That and the Other for a Week? (2004)

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Randy window cleaner Robin Evans gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles upon the mad Professor Gaylord and his experimental Sex Ray.

GENRES:  Comedy • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Jan Manthey
CAST:  Vic Pratt  •  Diana Manthey  •  Jenny Hammerton  •  Jonathan Cockerell

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Cast & Characters

Vic Pratt Robin Evans
Diana Manthey Gloria McGurk
Jenny Hammerton Mrs. Gaylord
Jonathan Cockerell Zookeeper
Norman Stebson Gripper McGurk
Smeaton Westerbury Professor Gaylord
Rob Norfolk PC Zucker
Jed Leicester Photographer
Elizabeth Leicester Mrs. Nogget
Percy Manthey Baby
Lee Scott Vicar
Mark Duqueno Angry Motorist

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