Minotaur (2006)

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Long ago in the Iron Age a shadow loomed over a lonely village. For generations the village youths are stolen from their families and delivered as sacrifice to a mythical beast - the Minotaur, that dwells beneath a great palace. Theo, haunted by the loss of his love in an earlier sacrifice is convinced that the beast isn't real and that his girl still lives as a slave within the palace. His father Cyrnan, the village leader, tries to reason with Theo not to go but Theo is driven by blind rage. He devises a plan and is taken with the other youths who are dragged screaming from their families.

GENRES:  Adventure • Fantasy • Horror
DIRECTION:  Jonathan English
CAST:  Tom Hardy  •  Michelle Van Der Water  •  Tony Todd  •  Lex Shrapnel

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Cast & Characters

Tom Hardy Theo
Michelle Van Der Water Raphaella
Tony Todd Deucalion
Lex Shrapnel Tyro
Jonathan Readwin Danu
Rutger Hauer Cyrnan
Maimie McCoy Morna
Lucy Brown Didi
James Bradshaw Ziko
Fiona Maclaine Vena
Claire Murphy Nan
Ingrid Pitt The Leper

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