Strumpet (2001)

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Strayman, a spontaneous poet, is landlord to a pack of stray dogs. Unable to resist another of life's strays, he hooks up with Strumpet, a shy, homeless girl with an extraordinary gift for music. After Strayman's neighbour overhears them singing, the three set off for London - Strayman's dogs in tow - in search of fame, fortune, and Top Of The Pops.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Music
DIRECTION:  Danny Boyle

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Cast & Characters

Christopher Eccleston Strayman
Genna G Strumpet
Stephen Walters Knockoff
David Crellin Curdy
Amanda Fairclough Strumpet's Mother
Graeme Hawley Producer
Josh Cole Record Engineer
Jonathan Ryland Colonel Parker
Stephen Taylor Perry
Ramzi Marouani Security Guard
Adam Zane Tim
Bernard Wrigley (Scenes Deleted)

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