Island of Fire (1990)

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Someone in a prison run by a corrupt warden fakes the deaths of convicts to later use them as expendable assassins. A police officer is sent into the prison to gather evidence of the corruption.

GENRES:  Action • Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Chu Yen-ping
CAST:  Jackie Chan  •  Andy Lau  •  Sammo Hung  •  Tony Leung Ka-fai

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Cast & Characters

Jackie Chan Lung / Steve Tong
Andy Lau Lau / Boss Lee
Sammo Hung Fatty Liu Hsi Chia / John Liu
Tony Leung Ka-fai Wei Wang / Andy Lau
Jimmy Wang Yu Kui / Lucas
Yang Hsiung Lin's friend
Jack Kao Lin
Tou Tsung-Hua Chu / Charlie
Chang Kuo-Chu Seng
Elsie Yeh Yua Fong
Xu Cheng-Yi Lau Shan
Ko Chun-Hsiung Prison Director

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