The Nutty Professor (1963)

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Jerry Lewis directed, co-wrote and starred in this riotously funny movie that set a new standard for screen comedy and inspired the hit remake. Lewis plays a timid, nearsighted chemistry teacher who discovers a magical potion that can transform him into a suave and handsome Romeo. The Jekyll and Hyde game works well enough until the concoction starts to wear off at the most embarrassing times.

GENRES:  Comedy • Family • Romance • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Jerry Lewis
CAST:  Jerry Lewis  •  Stella Stevens  •  Del Moore  •  Henry Gibson

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Cast & Characters

Jerry Lewis Professor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love / Baby Kelp
Stella Stevens Stella Purdy
Del Moore Dr. Hamius R. Warfield
Henry Gibson Gibson, College Student
Med Flory Football Player
Richard Kiel Man in Gym (uncredited)
Norman Alden Football Player
Howard Morris Mr. Elmer Kelp
Elvia Allman Edwina Kelp
Milton Frome Dr. M. Sheppard Leevee
Buddy Lester Bartender
Kathleen Freeman Millie Lemmon

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