Coyote Summer (1996)

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Teenage Callie has a wild streak. When her mother goes to London on business, she sends Callie to her sister's ranch for a dose of hard work and responsibility. Callie is sullen, at first, naturally, but perks up at the sight of a beautiful but wild black horse. When she overhears of the horse's destruction, due to his inability to be tamed, she arranges to steal the horse with a fellow ranch hand named Rafe. In hiding, the two begin to calm the horse and start his training. It works. But, will their hideaway be discovered?

GENRES:  Adventure
DIRECTION:  Matias Alvarez
CAST:  Vinessa Shaw  •  Adam Beach  •  Bruce Weitz  •  Cindy Pickett

Cast & Characters

Vinessa Shaw Callie Carpenter
Adam Beach Rafe Acuna
Bruce Weitz Snapper
Cindy Pickett Maggie Foster
Ed Lauter Mitchell Foster
Michelle St. John Rachel
Gordon Tootoosis Mopeah
Susan Damante Helen Carpenter

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