Over My Dead Body (1995)

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This quirky black comedy revolves around an ambitious scheme for revenge with dead bodies. A scientist researching a cure for skin cancer makes headway, until the head of the conglomerate decides to sell out the lab and profit from an overseas company. A colleague who protests the decision is suddenly struck in a suspicious hit-and-run accident and falls into a coma, but then the CEO himself is murdered, with his body holding the valuable microchip of research. The scientist and his colleague's daughter (Kim Ok-Bin) hatch a dark plot to steal the CEO's microchip out from the morgue but find themselves duped when they retrieve the "body" of a fake suicide (RYOO Seung-bum) instead. Now this unlikely trio must team up to find the prize corpse before anyone else.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 43%

Rated Unrated,  1 hr 20 mins

Rainer Matsutani
Christoph M. Ohrt  •  Katja Riemann  •  Ulrike Folkerts  •  Julia Brendler

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