Role Models (2008)

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Two salesmen trash a company truck on an energy drink-fueled bender. Upon their arrest, the court gives them a choice: do hard time or spend 150 service hours with a mentorship program. After one day with the kids, however, jail doesn't look half bad.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  David Wain

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Cast & Characters

Seann William Scott Wheeler
Paul Rudd Danny Donahue
Elizabeth Banks Beth
Christopher Mintz-Plasse Augie Farks
Bobb'e J. Thompson Ronnie Shields
Jane Lynch Gayle Sweeny
Ken Jeong King Argotron
Amanda Righetti Isabel
Joe Lo Truglio Kuzzik
Ken Marino Jim Stansel
Kerri Kenney Lynette
A.D. Miles Martin

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