The Image (1990)

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When career-focused journalist's investigation indirectly causes a suicide, he questions his own methods and life in general.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Peter Werner
CAST:  Albert Finney  •  John Mahoney  •  Kathy Baker  •  Swoosie Kurtz

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Cast & Characters

Albert Finney Jason Cromwell
John Mahoney Irv Mickelson
Kathy Baker Marcie Guilford
Swoosie Kurtz Joanne Winstow-Darvish
Marsha Mason Jean Cromwell
Spalding Gray Frank Goodrich
Wendie Jo Sperber Anita Cox
David Clennon Dr. Sigmond Grampton
Brett Cullen Malcolm Dundee
Jim Haynie David Hartzfield
Beth Grant Martha Packard
Robert Schenkkan Wilton Hale

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