Children (1976)

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Robert Tucker, a young gay man who is almost without affect, sits in various waiting rooms. As he sits, he recalls events from the year of his childhood when his father dies. He's ten or eleven that year, picked on by bullies at the Catholic school he attends. He seems friendless. At home, his mother is quiet, his father is ill and angry. After his father's death, there's a wake, the coffin arrives, the body is removed. The lad grieves, alone.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 29%

Rated Unrated,  0 hr 46 mins

Terence Davies
Phillip Mawdsley  •  Nick Stringer  •  Robin Hooper  •  Linda Beckett

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Phillip Mawdsley Robert Tucker
Nick Stringer Father
Robin Hooper Robert Tucker (aged 23)
Linda Beckett Neighbour
Valerie Lilley Mother
Colin Hignet Bully
Robin Bowen Bully 2
Trevor Eve Man in Shower
Elizabeth Estensen Nurse
Harry Wright Teacher
Phillip Joseph 2nd Teacher
Kate Fahy Neighbour