No Tell Motel (2012)

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Dirty little secrets are exposed when five friends become stranded at an abandoned motel haunted by a dark secret of its own.

GENRES:  Horror
DIRECTION:  Brett Donowho
CAST:  Angel McCord  •  Chalie Howes  •  Johnny Hawkes  •  Chelsey Reist

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Cast & Characters

Angel McCord Corey
Chalie Howes Megan
Johnny Hawkes Spencer
Chelsey Reist Rachel
Andrew MacFarlane Kyle
James Tyce Grigor Horak
Rileigh Chalmers Angela Horak
Stephanie Van Dyck Mary Horak
Heath Whitelock Matthew Hogan
Ed Holden Old Man
Katrina Mydske Dead Girl
Luke Dodds Baby Matthew

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