The Cheap Detective (1978)

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A spoof of the entire 1940s detective genre. San Francisco private detective, Lou Pekinpaugh is accused of murdering his partner at the instigation of his mistress—his partner's wife.

GENRES:  Comedy • Crime
DIRECTION:  Robert Moore
CAST:  Peter Falk  •  Ann-Margret  •  Eileen Brennan  •  Sid Caesar

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Cast & Characters

Peter Falk Lou Peckinpaugh
Ann-Margret Jezebel Dezire
Eileen Brennan Betty DeBoop
Sid Caesar Ezra Dezire
Stockard Channing Bess
James Coco Marcel
Dom DeLuise Pepe Damascus
Louise Fletcher Marlene DuChard
John Houseman Jasper Blubber
Madeline Kahn Mrs. Montenegro
Fernando Lamas Paul DuChard
Marsha Mason Georgia Merkle

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