Big Breaks (2008)

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Penny and Sam work for a notoriously mean spirited, selfish, and somewhat abusive big fish Hollywood producer, MJ Siegel. They run a day's worth of outrageous and demoralizing errands for her, and end up turning on one another when Penny's movie idea is stolen, pitched, and sold to MJ by Sam as her own idea. - Written by David Krumholtz

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  David Krumholtz

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Cast & Characters

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Todd Sterling
Amanda Young Samantha Keane
Elizabeth Banks Starlet
Vanessa Britting Penny Sullivan
Jane Lynch M.J.
Carlo Mendez Diego Chase
Jude Narita Seamstress
Lucy Punch Alexis
D.J. Reiter Workout Guy
Martin Starr Barrista

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