Next Year If All Goes Well (1981)

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Isabelle and Maxime are a pair of lighthearted lovers -- that is, until Isabelle gets the itch for motherhood. When she confesses her desire for a child, Maxime panics. As a cartoonist by trade he is far from financially stable, so he outright rejects the idea of parenthood. What follows is a roller-coaster romance full of recriminations and reconciliations, until Maxime must ultimately decide whether his fear of becoming a parent is a reason to leave.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Jean-Loup Hubert

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Cast & Characters

Isabelle Adjani Isabelle
Thierry Lhermitte Maxime
Marie-Anne Chazel Huguette
Bernard Crombey Moinet
Antoinette Moya La mère d'Isabelle
Fred Personne Le père d'Isabelle
Mathieu Kassovitz le petit garcon

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