Hurricane (2018)

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The story of the Polish fliers who found themselves fighting for the freedom of their own country in foreign skies. Seen through the eyes of a Polish fighter ace and adventurer, it tells how the Poles—driven across Europe by the German war machine—finally make their last stand. Flying Hurricanes for the RAF over Britain, they became a key component in the legend of ‘The Few’. Up against the might of the Luftwaffe they hoped that, by saving Great Britain from Nazi invasion, they were keeping the dream of a free Poland alive.

GENRES:  Drama • War
DIRECTION:  David Blair
CAST:  Iwan Rheon  •  Milo Gibson  •  Stefanie Martini  •  Marcin Dorociński

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Cast & Characters

Iwan Rheon Jan Zumbach
Milo Gibson John Kent
Stefanie Martini Phyllis Lambert
Marcin Dorociński Cobra
Kryštof Hádek Josef
Nicholas Farrell Dowding
Teresa Mahoney McCormack
Sam Hoare Kellett
Phil McKee Higgins
Robert Portal Park
Emily Wyatt Kate
Tam Williams Holland

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