Sand Pirates of the Sahara (2002)

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The film-within-the-film of the Majestic (2002). Roland is a Morocco-bound insurance salesman waylaid by the handsome but evil Prince Khalid, who is about to wed the virtuous, wall-eyed Isabel against her will. Isabel prefers Roland and, before you can say “blind hatred”, a battle of wits so amazing and daring it cannot be described by any sane writer takes place.

GENRES:  Adventure
DIRECTION:  Frank Darabont
CAST:  Bruce Campbell  •  Cliff Curtis  •  Michael Sloane  •  Amanda Detmer

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Cast & Characters

Bruce Campbell Roland the Intrepid Explorer
Cliff Curtis The Evil But Handsome Prince Khalid
Michael Sloane Kindly Old Professor Meredith
Amanda Detmer Isabel

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