Memories (1995)

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In this anime trilogy, a salvage ship crew happens upon a haunted vessel in Magnetic Rose; a cold tablet turns a lab worker into a biological weapon in Stink Bomb; and an urban populace carries on an endless war with an unseen foe in Cannon Fodder. Three years in the making, the thought-provoking anthology features eye-popping action and directorial work by a trio of genre geniuses: Kôji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura and Katsuhiro Ôtomo. "Memories" is made up of three separate science-fiction stories. In the first, "Magnetic Rose," four space travelers are drawn into an abandoned spaceship that contains a world created by one woman's memories. In "Stink Bomb," a young lab assistant accidentally transforms himself into a human biological weapon set on a direct course for Tôkyô. The final episode, "Cannon Fodder," depicts a day in the life of a city whose entire purpose is the firing of cannons at an unseen enemy.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 82%

Rated PG-13,  1 hr 54 mins

Animation • Fantasy • Science Fiction
Katsuhiro Ōtomo  •  Tensai Okamura  •  Kôji Morimoto
Shigeru Chiba  •  Hisao Egawa  •  Kayoko Fujii  •  Nobuaki Fukuda

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