Space Warriors (2013)

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The son of a retired astronaut competes to win a seat on the next space shuttle.

GENRES:  Adventure • Family • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Sean McNamara
CAST:  Josh Lucas  •  Mira Sorvino  •  Dermot Mulroney  •  Booboo Stewart

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Cast & Characters

Josh Lucas Col. Roy Manley
Mira Sorvino Sally Hawkins
Dermot Mulroney Andy Hawkins
Booboo Stewart Conway
Danny Glover Commander Phillips
Thomas Horn Jimmy Hawkins
Grayson Russell Russell 'Rusty' Riggs
Ryan Simpkins Lacey
Savannah Jayde Dani
Michael Zhang Bao
Sahana Srinivasan Chandra
Nicholas Lobue Sergei Petrov

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