The Last Kiss (2006)

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Michael has a great job, has his 4 best friends, and is in love with a beautiful girl at 30. He loves Jenna but his life seems predictable until someone else enters his life. It seems that everybody's having relationship problems.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Tony Goldwyn
CAST:  Zach Braff  •  Jacinda Barrett  •  Casey Affleck  •  Rachel Bilson

Cast & Characters

Zach Braff Michael
Jacinda Barrett Jenna
Casey Affleck Chris
Rachel Bilson Kim
Michael Weston Izzy
Eric Christian Olsen Kenny
Marley Shelton Arianna
Lauren Lee Smith Lisa
Harold Ramis Professor Bowler
Blythe Danner Anna
Tom Wilkinson Stephen
Cindy Sampson Danielle

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