The Carey Treatment (1972)

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Dr. Peter Carey is a pathologist at a Boston hospital. The daughter of the hospital's Chief of Staff dies after an illegal abortion goes wrong, and Carey's friend and colleague Dr. David Tao is accused of performing the abortion. Carey doesn't buy it, and so he digs deeper, angering the girl's father in the process. Questions abound: Who performed the abortion? Was the girl really pregnant? And what does it have to do with stolen morphine, blackmail attempts, and a mysterious and dangerous masseur?

GENRES:  Crime • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Blake Edwards
CAST:  James Coburn  •  Jennifer O'Neill  •  Pat Hingle  •  Skye Aubrey

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Cast & Characters

James Coburn Dr. Peter Carey
Jennifer O'Neill Georgia Hightower
Pat Hingle Capt. Pearson
Skye Aubrey Nurse Angela Holder
Elizabeth Allen Evelyn Randall
John Fink Chief Surgeon Andrew Murphy
Dan O'Herlihy J.D. Randall
James Hong David Tao
Alex Dreier Dr. Joshua Randall
Michael Blodgett Roger Hudson
Regis Toomey Sanderson the Pathologist
Jennifer Edwards Lydia Barrett

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