Summertime (2018)

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On the south shore of Long Island in the summer of 1983, a group of working-class teenagers and 20-somethings work their summer jobs, fall in and out of love, and wrestle with what the future holds when the summer ends and the real world beckons.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Edward Burns
CAST:  Caitlin Stasey  •  Lindsey Morgan  •  Zoe Levin  •  Pico Alexander

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Cast & Characters

Caitlin Stasey Suzy Denner
Lindsey Morgan Debbie Espinoza
Zoe Levin Lydia
Pico Alexander JJ Flynn
Rita Volk Winky
Jon Rudnitsky Mello
Amadeus Serafini Terry
Anthony Ramos Frankie
Carly Brooke Pam
Charles Aitken Scott
Samantha Buck Ruth
Mick Hazen Bobby

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