Schöne Aussicht (2007)

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The Berlin teacher Anna Wiegand takes over the management of the elementary school of a contemplative Black Forest village. But the attempt of the dedicated teacher to bring a fresh breeze into the well-worn school life, met with her stubborn colleagues in the province on little love. When Anna also approaches the local size, Count Alexander von Schönberg, whose daughter reveals a long covered reading weakness, she finally brings him up against her.

GENRES:  Comedy • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Erwin Keusch
CAST:  Anica Dobra  •  Julia Dietze  •  Heio von Stetten  •  Diana Körner

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Cast & Characters

Anica Dobra Anna Wiegand
Julia Dietze Caroline Wiegand
Heio von Stetten Graf Alexander von Schönberg
Diana Körner Brigitte Schäufele
Sabine Wackernagel Elfie
Vinzenz Kiefer Janosch

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