Soldiers Three (1951)

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Kiplingesque tale of British forces in 19th-century India.

GENRES:  Adventure • Comedy • War
DIRECTION:  Tay Garnett
CAST:  Stewart Granger  •  Walter Pidgeon  •  David Niven  •  Robert Newton

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Cast & Characters

Stewart Granger Pvt. Archibald Ackroyd
Walter Pidgeon Col. Brunswick
David Niven Capt. Pindenny
Robert Newton Pvt. Bill Sykes
Cyril Cusack Pvt. Dennis Malloy
Greta Gynt Crenshaw
Frank Allenby Col. Groat
Robert Coote Maj. Mercer
Dan O'Herlihy Sgt.Murphy
Michael Ansara Manik Rao
Richard Hale Govind-Lal
Patrick Whyte Major

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