Cannoli and Corruption (2017)

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After watching his high-profile mobster father be killed in the Cannoli Massacre of 1993s, Joe swears himself to a life of revenge against Mafia boss Don Antonio. After interrogating an informant, Joe is one step away from completing his revenge - but has the cycle of endless violence may have gone too far.

GENRES:  Crime • Horror
DIRECTION:  Tom Lister
CAST:  Percy Manthey  •  Tom Lister  •  Samuel Wickstead  •  Harry Feltham

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Cast & Characters

Percy Manthey Joe
Tom Lister Don Antonio
Samuel Wickstead Young Joe
Harry Feltham Harrison
Angus Walker Criminal with Knife
Joseph Winterson Criminal with Phone
Robyn Walters Edgy Criminal
Hamish Walker Pathetic Criminal

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