Follow the Star (1978)

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On that side of the track is Ah Sing (Roy Chiao), uncouth, unkempt, a garage repairman, a bravado with plenty of tricks up his overall sleeve. And on the other side of the track is rich, young recording artist Gayle (Rowena Cortes), idol of the young with her songs and dances, but an orphan. Harry is her manager. They should not meet, least to say forming some kind of partnership, but they do. Gayle goes to Ah Sing's garage for repairs. When Harry and she drive off, the car's undercarriage Ah Sing and drags him along. Fate steps in the form of five toughles who stop the car and kidnap Gayle to a farmhouse. It so happens that Gayle's father and the five were robbers but the father took off with all the money while the five were caught. They want the money back now they have served the time...

GENRES:  Action • Comedy
CAST:  Roy Chiao  •  Rowena Cortes  •  John Woo  •  Fung Hak-On

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Cast & Characters

Roy Chiao Drunken Sheng
Rowena Cortes Miss Chen
John Woo Miss Chen's father
Fung Hak-On

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