Jail Party (2005)

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Determined to make a fresh start, a young man tries to break away from the ghetto in this satire of movies set in the 'hood. After his release from prison, Yusef (Shane Sharp) decides it's time to move away from bad influences and take his girlfriend (Antonette Terry) with him. But a party to celebrate his freedom turns into a nightmare for Yusef thanks to some drug dealers, low-down thieves, cops and a few other nasty surprises.

GENRES:  Crime
DIRECTION:  Bernie Calloway
CAST:  Shane Sharp  •  Richard Player  •  Antonette Terry  •  Trina Braxton

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Cast & Characters

Shane Sharp Yusef Porter
Richard Player Goober
Antonette Terry Elise
Trina Braxton Kiana
Jharret Brantley Phenny Porter
Rashuan Murdaugh Roscoe
Jahmar Bradby Mathematics Universal
Marini Howard Porsha
Eve Smith Tanguray
Carlyle Chalmers Tee (Twin #1)
Ruben Johnson Jay (Twin #2)
Jason Upson Darryl

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