A Tailor Made Man (1931)

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John Paul Bart is just a pants-presser in a tailor's shop, but he has big ambitions. One night, he borrows the clothes of a wealthy client and bluffs his way into a high society party. After meeting wealthy businessman Abraham Nathan, John Paul quickly rises to the top of Nathan's company. Suffering during The Depression, John Paul helps Nathan save his company with a radical program of cooperative ownership between workers and management. Meanwhile, John Paul makes an enemy of Gustav, who is engaged to Tanya - the daughter of Mr. Huber, owner of the tailor shop. John Paul maintains a friendship with Tanya, provoking jealousy in Gustav. Gustav threatens to reveal John Paul's plain origins to Nathan, and John Paul briefly resigns from Nathan's company. However, John Paul's plan is a success, and Nathan hires him back immediately. Tanya leaves Gustav and ends up with John Paul.

Sam Wood
William Haines  •  Dorothy Jordan  •  Joseph Cawthorn  •  Majorie Rambeau

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William Haines John Paul Bart
Dorothy Jordan Tanya
Joseph Cawthorn Huber
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William Austin Jellicott
Ian Keith Dr. Gustav von Sonntag
Hedda Hopper Mrs. Stanlaw
Hale Hamilton Mr. Stanlaw
Henry Armetta Peter, Tailor
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