Bosomy Yeon-joo (2020)

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One day on the street, Mi-yeong greets Deuk-chan then he made a fuss, wondering if he likes Mi-yeong. Whenever he is having sex with Hee-jin, thoughts of Mi-yeong comes to him... Then one day, his friend Cheol-soo sets up a blind date. A few days later, the blind date happens and the woman who came is none other than Deuk-chan's dream, Mi-yeong. As soon as they meet, they go to the motel... Mi-yeong who is usually blunt looks so different in bed. Deuk-chan loved that Mi-yeong who finds eating harder than having sex. There's a subtle air between the two...

GENRES:  Romance
DIRECTION:  Lee Dong-Joon
CAST:  Yeon Joo  •  Sae Bom  •  Si Hoo  •  Shin Yeon-ho

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Yeon Joo
Sae Bom
Si Hoo
Shin Yeon-ho

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