The I Inside (2004)

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Simon Cable wakes up in a hospital bed, confused and disoriented. He soon discovers from doctors that he has amnesia and is unable to remember the last two years of his life. Cable investigates what has happened to him and slowly pieces together his enigmatic past.

GENRES:  Drama • Mystery • Science Fiction • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Roland Suso Richter
CAST:  Ryan Phillippe  •  Sarah Polley  •  Piper Perabo  •  Stephen Rea

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Cast & Characters

Ryan Phillippe Simon Cable
Sarah Polley Clair
Piper Perabo Anna
Stephen Rea Doctor Newman
Robert Sean Leonard Peter
Rakie Ayola l'infirmière Clayton
Paul John Borde l'intrus
Peter Egan Doctor Truman
Stephen Lang Mr. Travitt
Stephen Graham Travis
Magdalena Manville Female Resident (as Magdelena Manville)
Jay Simpson Morgue Orderly

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