ConneXion intime (2019)

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In her new school, 15-year-old Chloé soon becomes a close friend of charismatic free spirit Luna. She also falls in love with Luna's ex-boyfriend Félix, a bad boy with a poisonous charm who's also a porn addict.

GENRES:  Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Renaud Bertrand
CAST:  Luna Carpiaux  •  Marilyn Lima  •  Jules Houplain  •  Armelle Deutsch

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Cast & Characters

Luna Carpiaux Chloé
Marilyn Lima Luna
Jules Houplain Félix
Armelle Deutsch Aurélie
Marius Colucci Cyril
Julien Prestel Nicolas
Élodie Navarre Jeanne
Stéphane Rideau Marc
Mahia Zrouki Mélanie
Bruni Makaya Yoann

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