The Lost Generation (1983)

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The plot follows a group of women who struggle in Hong Kong, most of them illegal immigrants from mainland China.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Liu Chia-chang
CAST:  Rosamund Kwan  •  Chen Chen  •  Stanley Fung  •  Chin Han

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Cast & Characters

Rosamund Kwan Shirley
Chen Chen Sun Ch'iu-chu
Stanley Fung Fu Wai Fan
Chin Han
Ivy Ling Po Mr. Tsun's sister
Ko Chun-Hsiung
Chen Kuan-Tai Paul
Sibelle Hu Wong Heung
James Yi Lui Ya-ch'uan
Gua Ah-leh Kuei Ya-mei
Guan Shan Hotel manager
Elaine Jin

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