Boarding House Girls (2018)

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Jung-suk's wife runs a boarding house and he helps by cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning. He's under his wife's control, but he doesn't give up his dream of becoming an actor and eventually passes an audition. Sun-mi and Hyun-jung from the boarding house overhear him practice and mistake him for a wealthy man. They seduce him for his money and he falls for them...

GENRES:  Romance
CAST:  Park Hyun-jung  •  Kim In-ae  •  Kim Da-hyeon-II  •  Choi Chul-min

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Cast & Characters

Park Hyun-jung Boarding House Owner
Kim In-ae Seon-mi
Kim Da-hyeon-II Hyeon-jeong
Choi Chul-min
Lee Hyo-won

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