Black Cab Chaos: Anatomy of a Killer Chase (2017)

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"Black Cab Chaos" looks at the approach, intent and execution of that opening fight and chase sequence, and the stunts, rehearsals and challenges therein.

GENRES:  Action • Documentary

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Cast & Characters

Bradley James Allan Himself - 2nd Unit Director & Key Stunt Coordinator (as Brad Allan)
Angus Bickerton Himself - Senior VFX Supervisor
Taron Egerton Himself - Actor
James Ferguson Himself - Special Effects Senior Technician
Joe Geary Himself - Second Unit First Assistant Director
Edward Holcroft Himself - Actor
Chris Lawrence Himself - VFX Supervisor
James Morrall Himself - Art Director
David Reid Himself - Producer
George Richmond Himself - Director of Photography
Matthew Vaughn Himself - Writer & Producer & Director
Steven Warner Himself - Special Effects Supervisor

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