When Knights Were Bold (1936)

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Happy-go-lucky soldier Guy De Vere must leave India and return to the family seat at Little Twittering, for he has inherited the family title. Sir Guy finds all his relatives to be frozen stuffed shirts... except lovely cousin Rowena, who is mad about knighthood and chivalry. Struck in the head by a falling suit of armor, Guy dreams he and Rowena are back in 1400, as the unabashed farce continues...

DIRECTION:  Jack Raymond
CAST:  Jack Buchanan  •  Fay Wray  •  Garry Marsh  •  Kate Cutler

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Cast & Characters

Jack Buchanan Sir Guy De Vere
Fay Wray Lady Rowena
Garry Marsh Brian Ballymoat
Kate Cutler Aunt Agatha
Martita Hunt Aunt Esther
Robert Horton Cousin Bertie
Aubrey Mather The Canon
Aubrey Fitzgerald Barker, butler
Robert Nainby Whittle, the 'boy'
Moore Marriott The Tramp
Charles Paton The Mayor
Terry-Thomas Soldier (uncredited)

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