Shadows and Fog (1991)

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With a serial strangler on the loose, a bookkeeper wanders around town searching for the vigilante group intent on catching the killer.

GENRES:  Comedy • Crime • Mystery
DIRECTION:  Woody Allen
CAST:  Woody Allen  •  Mia Farrow  •  Kathy Bates  •  David Ogden Stiers

Cast & Characters

Woody Allen Kleinman
Mia Farrow Irmy
Kathy Bates Prostitute
David Ogden Stiers Hacker
John Cusack Student Jack
Donald Pleasence Doctor
Lily Tomlin Prostituierte
Jodie Foster Prostitute
John Malkovich Clown
Fred Gwynne Hacker's Follower
Julie Kavner Alma
Madonna Marie

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