Le Tartuffe (1984)

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Orgon is a man of property duped by the false piety of the penniless Tartuffe. Orgon takes him into his house, believing him a paragon of virtue. Orgon orders his daughter to reject her fiancé and marry Tartuffe. First Dorine, the family servant, tries a strategy to avert the marriage; then Orgon's son tries his hand. They anger Orgon, and to prove paternal power, he disinherits his son and makes Tartuffe his heir. Next Orgon's wife tries to bring her husband insight, a stratagem that partially backfires. With the bailiff at the door ordering Orgon to vacate his own home and with Tartuffe at court to prove Orgon's a traitor, all seems lost.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Gérard Depardieu

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Cast & Characters

Gérard Depardieu Tartuffe
François Périer Orgon
Yveline Ailhaud Dorine
Paule Annen Madame Pernelle
Elisabeth Depardieu Elmire
André Wilms Damis
Hélène Lapiower Marianne
Dominique Ducos Flipote
Paul Bru Un exempts
Noureddine El Ati Laurent
Bernard Freyd Cleante
Jean-Marc Roulot Valère

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