Bright Young Things (2003)

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In the 1930s, a social set known to the press – who follow their every move – as the “Bright Young Things” are Adam and his friends who are eccentric, wild and entirely shocking to the older generation. Amidst the madness, Adam, who is well connected but totally broke, is desperately trying to get enough money to marry the beautiful Nina. While his attempts to raise cash are constantly thwarted, their friends seem to self-destruct, one-by-one, in an endless search for newer and faster sensations. Finally, when world events out of their control come crashing around them, they are forced to reassess their lives and what they value most.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Stephen Fry

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Cast & Characters

Stephen Campbell Moore Adam Fenwick-Symes
Emily Mortimer Nina Blount
Fenella Woolgar Agatha
Michael Sheen Miles
James McAvoy Simon Balcairn
David Tennant Ginger Littlejohn
Stockard Channing Mrs. Melrose Ape
Dan Aykroyd Lord Monomark
Simon McBurney Sneath
Julia McKenzie Lottie Crump
Jim Broadbent The Drunken Major
Simon Callow

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