Larceny (1948)

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John Payne is the no-good lowdown rat who tries to capitalize on postwar patriotism and grief. He finagles a war widow (Joan Caulfied) into giving up her savings for a nonexistent memorial. When Payne falls in love with the widow he has pangs of conscience, but he reckons without his con-artist boss (Dan Duryea), who tends to bolster his arguments with muscle and bullets.

GENRES:  Crime
DIRECTION:  George Sherman
CAST:  John Payne  •  Joan Caulfield  •  Dan Duryea  •  Shelley Winters

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Cast & Characters

John Payne Rick Mason
Joan Caulfield Deborah Owens Clark
Dan Duryea Silky Randall
Shelley Winters Tory
Dorothy Hart Madeline
Richard Rober Max
Dan O'Herlihy Duke
Nicholas Joy Walter Vanderline
Percy Helton Charlie Jordan
Walter Greaza Mr. Owens
Patricia Alphin Waitress
Harry Antrim Mr. McNulty

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