The Innkeeper (2020)

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Park Woo-joo, a woman who tells the story of her past. Her name means to work hard like a cow and live a gentle life. The universe grew up to be full of hard work. To adapt to the daily routine of being ignored and exploited by people. Late at night, while staying alone and working overtime at a restaurant, she is deprived of her purity by a drunkard and bursts into tears, and stops crying when given 30,000 won by her boss who frightened her. The universe is aware that money comes when you give away your body, and so she started to teach herself how to user her body for money.

GENRES:  Romance
CAST:  Tae Hee  •  Lee Soo  •  Yong Pal  •  James

Cast & Characters

Tae Hee Park Woo-joo
Lee Soo
Yong Pal
Han Hae-young
Seol Min-soo

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