Legend Of The Wolf (1997)

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Wolf (Donnie Yen) is a war veteran who recounts the tale of his legendary youth to a young upstart killer (Edmond Leung). Flashback to a post-World War 2 time when the young Wolf (Yen) is wandering the Chinese countryside in search of his missing memories. He only knows to meet someone at an abandoned temple. He ends up hooking up with a local villager (Dayo Wong), who intends to guide the Wolf to his destination. On the way, they find Wai-Yee (Carmen Lee), who’s been waiting for Wolf for quite some time. However, Wolf still can’t remember anything, until the bad guys (led by Ben Lam) come to find him, and they bear the terrible secret of the Wolf's past.

GENRES:  Action
DIRECTION:  Donnie Yen
CAST:  Donnie Yen  •  Ben Lam  •  Carman Lee  •  Dayo Wong

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Cast & Characters

Donnie Yen Fung Man-hin
Ben Lam Bandit Leader
Carman Lee Wai-Yee
Dayo Wong Wai
Edmond Leung Ben Chan
Bonnie Lai Suk-Yin
Walter Mak Wai-Cheung Monkey style fighter
Tony Tam Chun-To Fighter with chains
Kenji Tanigaki Forest fighter
Mandy Chan Chi-Man Forest fighter
Chiu Wing-Hoi Villager
Cub Chin Kong-Hon Bandit leader's boss

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