The Ladies Man (1961)

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After his girl leaves him for someone else, Herbert gets really depressed and starts searching for a job. He finally finds one in a big house which is inhabited by many, many women. Can he live in the same home with all these females?

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Jerry Lewis
CAST:  Jerry Lewis  •  Helen Traubel  •  Pat Stanley  •  Kathleen Freeman

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Cast & Characters

Jerry Lewis Herbert H. Heebert - Mama Heebert
Helen Traubel Miss Helen N. Wellenmellon
Pat Stanley Fay
Kathleen Freeman Katie
George Raft Himself
Harry James Harry James
Buddy Lester Willard C. Gainsborough
Marty Ingels Himself
Hope Holiday Miss Anxious
Gloria Jean Gloria
Jack Kruschen Graduation Speaker
Fritz Feld Hairdresser

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