Brother-in-law's Youngest Daughter (2021)

From their college club days, a cohabitation began with Yeon-jeong, a female senior who had a crush on him, and Yeong-soo, the president of the club. Her circumstances were difficult, and she was taken to Han-soo for a while. What confuses Han-soo is Ha-yeon, the daughter of Yeon-jeong, who came home late. A face that looks exactly like Yeon-jeong in college. But unlike Yeon-jeong those days, she seems somehow depressed. Han-soo fell in love with Ha-yeon, who is asleep with earphones in the living room, and walks closer and watched her. Ha-yeon suddenly opens her eyesand said he can touch it if he wants to. Han-soo's mind turned white with Ha-yeon's bold appearance, consistent with her blunt appearance.

GENRES:  Romance
CAST:  Yoon Yool  •  Jin Joo

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Cast & Characters

Yoon Yool
Jin Joo

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